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Making sure law school or your master's program is the right financial investment for you is an important part of your search process. We want to make sure the cost of a DU education is clear and that every student fully understands and takes advantage of all the financial resources available.

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Tuition vs. Total Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance (COA)—a common financial aid term—is an estimate of the total cost of attending a college or university for one academic year. It doesn't only include tuition and fees, and is not the bill you'll receive from DU. It takes into account all of the expenses an average student might have for that year, including basic living costs.

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Direct vs. Indirect Costs

What will I pay to DU?

Every cost of attendance (COA) is made up of both direct and indirect costs. 

Direct costs will appear on your University bill such as tuition and fees.

Indirect costs do not show up on your University bill and include estimates of items such as books, transportation and living expenses. 


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Including both direct and indirect costs

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