JD Degrees & Certificates

Whether you are pursuing your JD degree or adding an advanced degree to your resume to elevate yourself in your industry, Denver Law has a program to meet your needs. 

Our curriculum is innovative and global in its perspective, taught by faculty members who are leading experts in their field. We offer a traditional juris doctor (JD) program, a professional part-time JD program, four LLM degree options, including taxation, and four master’s degree options, including taxation.

Denver Law's Certificate Programs enable you to follow your passion and tailor your law degree based on your legal interests.  Our Constitutional Rights and Remedies Program focuses on federal constitutional rights and provides a sophisticated understanding of the interaction between state and federal courts. Through our Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, you can explore ways to help solve the myriad environmental challenges we face today including land use, water rights and environmental hazards. Our Workplace Law Program brings you to the intersection of employment, labor, wage and hour, workplace safety and other important civil rights issues. Our International Legal Studies Program provides the opportunity to study various aspects of public and private international law and prepares you for a variety of globally minded careers. The Animal Law Program, our most recent JD offering and one of very few such programs in the nation, trains the next generation of animal law advocates who seek to enhance animal protection by targeting issues surrounding the use of animals for food, entertainment, experimentation and fashion.

Current JD students, please learn more about our JD Certificate Programs.

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Part-Time JD Program

Denver Law’s part-time program is one of the oldest in the country. Throughout our history, innovations in teaching and new understandings about learning have played a central role in our curriculum delivery. The technology available to us today allows for a convenient, but no less effective, method of instruction that provides access to legal education for people with professional and personal commitments that make the traditional full-time program unworkable.

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