Law: Justice for Animals: Practical Progress through Philosophical Theory

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March 12

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg, Forum

Audience: Current Student

Animals suffer injustice at our hands and human domination is everywhere: in the seas, where marine mammals die from ingesting plastic; in the skies, where migratory birds die in large numbers from air pollution; and, obviously, on the land, where the habitats of many large mammals have been destroyed almost beyond repair. Addressing these large problems requires dedicated work and effort. But it also requires a good normative theory to direct our efforts. 

In this talk, noted philosopher Martha Nussbaum will argue that an approach based on her version of the Capabilities Approach is the one we need, and she will show how it directs our efforts better than rival approaches.

The talk will be followed by a reception. Everyone is welcome, please register here.