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June 1


July 1

Sorry, there are no scheduled events this month or for the provided criteria above.

Submitting Events and Announcements

  • How to Submit an Event

    Use 25Live to submit an event to display on the events calendar

    Instructions on how to use 25Live

    The Sturm College of Law events calendar and the main DU events calendar are both updated via events submitted through 25Live.

    In order for an event to appear on these calendars the following conditions must be met:

    • Each 25Live entry must have a valid Organization selected (this is a required field)
    • Each 25Live entry must have Requirement #10 (“Would like to have event considered for DU Calendar”) selected
    • Each 25Live event must have at least 1 audience AND 1 type selected (these fields will appear in the “Publish to Calendar” section once an event type has been selected)

    Events must meet the above criteria AND be confirmed by a 25Live administrator before that event will appear on the calendars. Events should appear on the calendars within 24 hours after an event has been confirmed.

    Virtual Events and Off Campus events also need to be submitted through 25Live in order to appear these calendars.

    For Virtual Events, please select “VIRTUAL LOCATION” for your event location.

    For Off Campus Events (or events in locations on campus that are not defined in 25Live, such as Student Street), please select “OFF CAMPUS” for your event location.

    Best Practices for Submitting an Event to the Calendar

    • Enter a descriptive Event Title starting with a prefix of “Law:” such as Law: Public Service Orientation.
      • This is a required field, and this will display as the title on the calendar; this is limited to 110 characters.
    • Select the appropriate Organization or Department hosting the event
      • This field indicates which calendar(s) the event will display on
    • Provide an Event Description that accurately describes your event, what will be taking place during the event, and who your target audience is (i.e. law students and law alumni).
      • You can also embed HTML code and include hyperlinks if you have additional information or require a RSVP/Registration that needs to be linked to 
      • If you are adding a hyperlink, make sure to change the “Open link in…” to “New Window”.
    • Please make sure you enter the ACTUAL start and end time of the event. Additional time can be reserved for setup, takedown, etc. using the appropriate “Additional Time” fields
    • If you are hosting a Virtual event, you should not post a public Zoom link in the description, but rather ask for potential participants to register or contact you (or a designee) for additional information
      • This is a best practice to avoid Zoom-bombing. 
    • Please make sure to check the calendar for already scheduled events, particularly the target audience, to try to prevent any potential conflicts that might impact overall attendance



    25Live User Guides

  • How to Submit an Announcement

    Use the form to submit announcements for the Student Affairs Newsletter and the digital display kiosks

    Overview on submitting announcements

    The announcement form is to be used for any event happening on campus or virtually that would be beneficial for our Law School Students. Events submitted and approved will be on the display kiosks and circulated through the Student Affairs Weekly Newsletter (released every Monday). Please fill out all the information in the form and send any supporting/additional information to