The Privacy Foundation

Based at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, the Privacy Foundation attracts a worldwide audience of professionals to the foundation’s research findings as well as public seminars on topical privacy issues.

The Privacy Foundation conducts research and educates both practitioners of the legal profession and the general public about technologies that affect personal privacy when improperly implemented. Wireless, digital television, satellite, biometric, and internet technologies enhance the possible tracking of individuals in ways never before imaginable. The Privacy Foundation was formed to research the privacy and security implications of this highly networked world. In researching new technologies – and in describing their business, legal and societal implications – the foundation serves to identify possible threats to individual privacy. The foundation also assists media outlets in their efforts to accurately inform and educate the public concerning the ever-present tension between privacy and security. The target audience includes members of the business community, public policy members, academic scholars, privacy advocates and attorneys.

In pursuit of this mission, the Privacy Foundation hosts bi-annual seminars for the legal and privacy professional communities.

Past Events

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law

    April 19, 2024

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    • Robert Donald, Attorney, KO Law
    • David Ray, Chief Partnership Officer, Chief Privacy Officer & General Counsel, Rank One Computing Corporation
  • Recent Developments in State Privacy Laws

    October 27, 2023


    • Shelby Prendergast, JD'22, Sturm College of Law
    • Professor Bernard Chao, Co-Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Law Program
    • Zane McNeill, Research Assistant, The Privacy Foundation
  • Feminine Technology and Privacy after Dobbs

    April 21, 2023


    • Govind Persad, Professor of Law, Sturm College of Law
    • Steve Pozefsky, Associate General Counsel, Colorado Children’s Hospital
    • Janell Briggs, Privacy Officer, Colorado Children’s Hospital
    • Betsy Moran, Attorney, Hall Booth Smith
  • Privacy and AI

    April 22, 2022


    • Jason W. Adaska, Director of Software Engineering and Innovation Lab, Holland & Hart LLP
    • Chris Achatz, Partner, Koenig Oelsner Taylor Schoenfeld & Gaddis
    • Thomas Codevilla, Partner, SK&S Law Group  


    • Panel I: Employee and Customer Privacy Concerns
      • In Negotiating AI Contracts
      • Legal and Technical Constraints in Contract Clauses 
    • Panel II: Red Flag Issues
      • FTC and State Laws—Illinois Biometric Statute
      • Professional Organizations AI Contracting Guidelines 
    • Panel III: Round Table
      • Current Privacy/AI Practices—By Industry
      • Next 3 to 5 Year Trends in Privacy and AI—The Magic Crystal Eye

    Panelists: Jason Adaska, Chris Achatz, Thomas Codevilla, and John Soma


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The Privacy Foundation Team

John Soma
Emeritus Professor John T. Soma is the executive director of the Privacy Foundation at the University of Denver. After completing his PhD in economics in 1975, Professor Soma served from 1976 to 1979 as trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, Washington, D.C., where he was primarily assigned to the Department of Justice trial team in the U.S. v. IBM litigation. In 1979, he joined the University of Denver College of Law faculty. In addition to six books on computer law, Professor Soma has authored more than 40 professional articles in the computer law and privacy area.
Kristen Dermyer

Kristen Dermyer is Academic Programs Coordinator on the Faculty Support Team and would like to attend the JD program at the Sturm College of Law, focusing on water law. Kristen has over ten years of experience in higher education, administrative support specialist and faculty support specialist. Educational experience at El Camino Community College, California State University Long Beach, Red Rocks Community College and Colorado State University Global Campus. Employment experience at Red Rocks Community College included Clerical Assistant, Academic Coach, Department Manager, Administrative Assistant III and Program Assistant.

Kristen is a native Coloradan with a Kansas born husband, two native kiddos and the fluffiest Siberian Huskey.

Reagan Folaron
Reagan Folaron is a 2L at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, where she is the current President of the Privacy Law Society and a research assistant for Professor Soma. She is a graduate of Colorado College, which is where she first became interested in researching and writing on privacy related matters.
Zane McNeill
Zane McNeill is a 2L at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and currently a research assistant for Professor Soma. His co-authored article, “Grindr and Privacy Concerns of LGBTQ+ People in the United States and the European Union,” is forthcoming from the NLG Review.
  Bob Voorhees began working with computers in 1967. He has held management positions in IT Audit, Security, and Operations and has been involved in computer forensics and computer crime investigation. He has been a Certified Information Systems Auditor since 1979, holds a Masters in Computer Resource Management and an MBA and serves as senior analyst for the Privacy Foundation.