Sturm Elevation Initiative

Thanks to a multi-million-dollar investment by the Denver-based Sturm Family Foundation, the University of Denver Sturm College of Law is in a position to fund twenty full-tuition merit scholarships, with a first year stipend, to incoming JD students with outstanding academic credentials in fall 2023.

This opportunity, made possible by Donald Sturm, LLB’58, and the Sturm Family Foundation, is a continued display of their long-standing commitment to the University of Denver.

Sturm started his legal education at the University of Denver Law School in 1955, graduated in 1958 and has been a long-time supporter and visionary leader of the University of Denver. He and his wife, Susan, made a significant contribution in 2004, which resulted in renaming the school as the Sturm College of Law. Sturm’s support enables the law school to continue providing an exceptional legal education at the nation’s most ascendant law school.

The Sturm Family Foundation was established in 1990 by Donald and Susan Sturm. Their children, Stephen Sturm and Emily Sturm, are currently co-managing directors. The mission of the Sturm Family Foundation is to support nonprofits that provide valuable and impactful services and programs to their local communities. The Foundation seeks to further the public good in a way that holds true to its family's values while supporting a diverse array of organizations.

  • First-year students
  • Automatic consideration
  • First generation college students
  • Financial need
  • LSAT score of 160 or above
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.60 or above
  • Limited availability

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more details.