Mentoring Agreement

We agree to participate in the Professional Mentoring Program (the "Program") in accordance with its rules and policies. We understand that the Program is based on a professional relationship and that we will treat each other with mutual respect.

We acknowledge the specific objectives of the Program to promote:
  • Education of the Student about law practice, the legal profession, professional ethics, law school courses, networking, career development, attorney competency, and the role of lawyers in the community;
  • Professionalism and Collegiality among members of the bar through exercise of ethical and civil behavior;
  • Excellence in the practice of law;
  • Inclusion and involvement of attorneys in the Colorado legal community, including teaching the value of networking and developing mentor relationships;
  • Public Service as an indispensable component of ethical law practice; and
  • Pride in the profession and in the role lawyers have played and continue to play in shaping and preserving our nation’s values.
We acknowledge and agree to abide by the following Program rules:
  • Any communication between the Mentor and the Student is not intended to be the rendering of legal advice to the Student or the Student’s employer, supervisor, or mentors in any practice setting. Communications are intended only as guidance to the Student and to assist the Student in deepening their understanding of law practice and the ethical and professional values of the profession. The Student will not rely upon the Mentor for any legal advice that is conveyed and will rely solely upon their own judgment, legal opinions, or independent research for any work performed in internships, externships, clerkships, clinics, or in the handling of or advisement on any legal matter.
  • No confidential relationship is formed between the Mentor and the Student as a result of participation in the Program unless otherwise specifically agreed to by the Mentor and the Student. Discussions of substantive legal matters between the Mentor and the Student will be limited to hypothetical situations. Consistent with C.R.P.C. 1.6, the Mentor and the Student will not identify any client nor reveal any client confidence or protected client communications.
  • The Mentor and the Student agree that this is a professional relationship and, accordingly agree to return phone calls and e-mails, arrive to meetings on time or notify the other if they will not be on time, communicate regularly, and notify each other and the Program if they cannot or will not continue participating in the Program during the current academic term.
  • The Mentor and the Student agree to notify the Program in writing if, during their participation in the Program, they witness any Program participant engage in conduct that is inconsistent with the Program objectives, a violation of the Program rules, or that otherwise lacks professionalism. Although the Program appreciates its Mentor and Student participants, the Program may dismiss any participant at any time and for any reason.
I hereby certify I have read this Mentoring Agreement and agree to its terms.

I agree to the terms of the Mentoring Agreement.