Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The Sturm College of Law offers a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) to benefit alumni who make a commitment to work in the public interest.

Graduates in the class of 2022 that borrowed while enrolled at Denver Law had an average law school debt of $150,036. High debt can prevent graduates from accepting public interest positions, as they pay less than private sector positions. Low salaries may cause those graduates to pursue higher salaries after a few years.

Income Driven Repayment (IDR) plans alleviate some financial challenges, but the LRAP can provide additional support. To be considered for an LRAP award, alumni must apply online during the annual application cycle, have a qualifying position and earn $85,000 or less annually. General information is below and you can view the LRAP Charter for full program details.

Future applications can be submitted through DocuSign. DocuSign eliminates the need to print and scan documents and allows for the secure collection of attachments. If you experience issues with DocuSign, please contact the Financial Management Office at or 303.871.6362. The form will require email validation, which also permits you to return and complete the application later. Once you enter your email, a code will be emailed to you with a subject that includes “Email Validation”. To return later, select “Other Actions” from the top right and select “Finish Later”. You must sign and submit the document with required attachments before your LRAP application is complete. You will receive a copy of the completed form for your records upon completion.

  • Eligibility
    • Graduated with a JD from the Sturm College of Law after May 2003
    • Currently work in public service (government or non-profit) in a position that utilizes your legal skills or qualifies as “JD Advantage”
    • Note: Judicial Clerkships are not qualifying employment
    • Annual salary of $85,000 or less
    • Have at least one loan in good standing and in repayment
  • LRAP Application Process

    Gather required documents:

    • Employment verification letter from your current employer. This letter must be on letterhead and include the start date of employment, salary, and job title.
    • Loan documentation showing loan status, monthly repayment amount, and total outstanding balance. Federal loan data can be obtained from; private loan data can be obtained from the lending institution.
    • A personal statement of no more than 750 words which speaks to the way(s) in which your legal skills provide an otherwise unfilled or hard to fill service to your community.
    • LRAP Application (due January 26, 2024).


  • LRAP Selection Criteria

    Funding limitations prevent us from awarding funds to all eligible applicants. The competitive selection process:

    • Gives preference to those employed by a 501(C)3 organization
    • Considers the amount of any scholarship aid received while in law school
    • Considers the amount of an applicant’s outstanding law school debt, and to a less extent, any prior educational debt
    • Considers the applicant’s demonstrated interest in public law. Your personal statement is the best way to show your interest outside of the financial data you’ll provide in your application!

    Awards are calculated on an applicant’s annual, income-based repayment amount. The Committee strives to provide funding that covers as much of an applicant’s monthly payment as possible.

    Awards are renewable twice annually for up to 5 years if you continue to meet employment and income requirements.