Qualified University of Denver (DU) students can accelerate their legal education through our bachelor/JD Program. Through this program, students earn their undergraduate degree and their JD in six years rather than the standard seven years. DU undergraduates can apply to the program in their junior year; high-achieving high school students who've been admitted to DU can also apply. Students in the bachelor/JD Program begin JD studies in their fourth year at DU. They earn their bachelor degree after one year of law school and receive their JD two years later.

The JD program provides hands-on, student-centered legal education, as well as seven academic specialties that allow students to tailor their education to their career goals. Courses on the lawyering process, constitutional law and others provide a solid legal knowledge foundation. In addition, the JD program builds practice-ready skills through legal public service and advanced legal writing. Students also receive training in the professional skills needed in the legal profession, including trial advocacy, client communication, document drafting and more.