Thomas Dyer

Thomas Dyer

Adjunct Faculty

Professional Biography

Thomas Dyer is an attorney in the Denver office of Lewis Brisbois and a member of the Antitrust & Competition Practice. His practice also focuses on Securities Litigation and Corporate Litigation. Thomas represents public and private companies in a wide array of matters, including civil litigation, compliance, regulatory filings, transactional drafting, and other corporate work. 

Thomas is an Adjunct Professor of Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. As an Adjunct Professor, Thomas presents on myriad antitrust matters, including price-fixing, market divisions, monopolization, product and consumer allocations, market structures, the application of antitrust laws to technology industries, group boycotts, cartel activity, and price discrimination. Thomas distills complex antitrust concepts into accessible and engaging lessons to create a dialogue regarding the law and how it has developed. 

Thomas earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Colorado State University. Thomas' background in economics enables him to speak the language of his clients and view legal issues with an eye on business implications.
Antitrust and Competition Law
Thomas provides litigation and non-litigation strategic advice to general counsels and corporate executives to simplify the complexities of the U.S. antitrust laws and anticipate issues before they arise. Thomas advises companies on matters involving federal and state antitrust issues including: antitrust compliance programs; trade association compliance; resale pricing programs; advertised pricing programs (MSRP, MAP, and Colgate polices); pre-merger review (outside of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act); pre-merger review and government reporting (Hart-Scott-Rodino Act); price discrimination compliance (Robinson-Patman Act); interlocking directorates and officers compliance; competitor collaborations; joint ventures; information exchanges; and labor issues (collective bargaining). Thomas also represents companies in federal and state antitrust law litigation matters involving: monopolization; price-fixing; bid-rigging; market divisions; product and customer allocations; and tying. Thomas also defends companies in civil investigations brought by federal and state regulators, including the Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as merger filings under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act (HSR).