Professor Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch

Associate Professor of Law with Tenure

Ronald V. Yegge Clinical Director


Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Environmental Law Clinic, Law School Clinical Program, Environmental Law

Professional Biography

Professor Lynch teaches the Environmental Law Clinic as well as related doctrinal classes. Professor Lynch previously worked in the energy industry and as an attorney at Environmental Defense Fund’s office in Boulder, Colorado. Professor Lynch has experience working at the state and federal level on regulatory and permitting issues related to climate change, air quality, water, and energy policy, as well as litigation experience in federal courts regarding air pollution, public lands, wildlife, and animal rights. His scholarship focuses property rights related to energy such as oil and gas rights, as well as various issues related to civil court litigation and access to courts.

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JD, 2007, New York University School of Law
BA., 2001, Rice University

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