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Mediation Practicum Fall 2018 Updates

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Students in DU’s Mediation Practicum are mediating small claims disputes in both Denver County Court and Adams County Courts.  They have successfully mediated cases involving construction, remodeling, landscaping, car repair, personal loans, lost luggage and other transportation/travel services disputes.  Students handle similar consumer disputes at the Better Business Bureau of Denver (BBB).  A recent settlement agreement involved an author’s dispute with the online retailer selling her book.  At the BBB, students mediate with the parties by phone, by Skype and in person.  A new addition to the Practicum’s outreach is the students’ participation in the Navigator Program in Adams County Court, where students facilitate settlements between pro-se landlords and tenants.  Mediation students also have the opportunity to assist in the facilitation of IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings in public schools across the state.

mediation team

Photo caption: Top row- (l-r) CJ Larkin, Taylor Carrillo (Student); Satvir Kaur; and Andrew Lipscomb (Student).

Bottom row- (l-r) Anne Stein (Court Division Supervisor, Denver County Court); Mary Figueroa (Small Claims Judicial Assistant, Denver County Court); Magistrate Lisa Hamilton-Fieldman, (Denver County Court); and Molly Reinhardt (Student).