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Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 2022 Highlights

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Sturm College of Law

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LITC students & faculty

LITC students and faculty at the Byron G. Roberts Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Denver, CO

The Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) at the Sturm College of Law had twenty-two students participate in the clinic this past year and they represented more than 85 clients before the IRS and Colorado Department of Revenue.

Notable successes included preventing the IRS from garnishing the wages of a disabled veteran, so that he could continue to afford to pay for medication and living expenses; and reducing a very large state liability for an elderly couple who made much less income than the state incorrectly believed.

LITC students attended five Tax Court calendar calls, some in-person and some online, where they advised and assisted pro se taxpayers. They also participated in two virtual settlement weeks with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel and other LITCs in the western states.

The students also gave educational presentations on tax topics to 13 different community organizations and provided education to more than 100 Colorado taxpayers.