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2018 Summit Cup Champions

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Congratulations to the 2018 Summit Cup Champions: AMERICAN UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL!

One year ago, when American University Law School student-advocates Cara Mazor and Alex Raby lost in the Summit Cup Championships to Northwestern, they vowed to return and conquer The Summit Cup.  In 2018, under the coaching of Lisamarie Freitas and Zac Ista, and under the inimitable trial advocacy directorship of AU’s Elizabeth Lippy, that is exactly what Cara and Alex did.  The Summit Cup invites the nation’s top twelve trial team winners from the prior year.   Thus, although Mazor and Raby had to overcome well-seasoned advocates every step in their climb, they ultimately beat Drexel law’s Michael Wentz and Elizabeth Bertolino to summit the mountain and take home the cup.  Congratulations to all of the teams that earned their way onto the mountain.  Most of all, congratulations to Cara and Alex.

Additional Summit Cup winners included 

(based only on Tournament Rounds, not the Medal Rounds):

Semi-finalists:  Northwestern and Georgia State

Most Professional Team:  Maryland

Best Advocate:  Cara Mazor, American

Outstanding Advocacy:  Michael Wentz, Drexel

Juror’s Choice Advocate:  Bradley Bellows, St. Mary’s

Click this link to view the video of the 2018 Summit Cup Championship Round (our apologies, the camera placement for the first half of the trial was not in a great position – it changes at halftime).

Click this link to view the video of the 2018 Summit Cup Jury Deliberations that followed the Championship Round:

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