Law: Why Plant-Based Meat is the Future and How Data Science Helps

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October 11

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Frank H. Ricketson Law Bldg, Moot Court

Audience: Current Student

Animal agriculture is a technological anachronism. The inherent biology and physics of animals ultimately limit the commodities produced from them. In the long run, plant- and microbial-based food will be tastier, healthier, and more affordable than conventional animal-based products and simultaneously usher in significant, unalloyed benefits for humanity, animal kind, and planet Earth. The combinatorial recipe space for food successors is vast, and methods are needed to narrow the search. Join speaker Karthik Sekar to learn why data science and machine learning are necessary to accelerate our food transition.

Karthik has a doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University and had an academic research career in biochemical engineering, metabolism, and quantitative biology. He authored a non-fiction science book After Meat, arguing that the inefficiency of animals in food production means inevitable replacement. Karthik has appeared on numerous podcasts and delivered talks at Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, Duke, and UC-Berkeley. He is the Head of Data Science at Climax Foods and works on next generation plant-based cheese.